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Navigating uncertainty and crises: the power of risk assessments in the workplace

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In a world marked by uncertainty and crises, how can we adapt and thrive?

EU-OSHA’s Finnish focal point Työterveyslaitos, social partner KT Kunta- ja hyvinvointityönantajat and the Finnish Centre for Occupational Safety Työturvallisuuskeskus have the answer: risk assessments! Next 6 June, they will delve into the strategies for navigating major changes and crises in our working lives.

From the ongoing war in Ukraine, COVID-19, climate change and the global energy crisis, participants will explore how to be prepared. This online event is designed for OSH professionals, managers and communication specialists.

During the activity, participants will learn techniques for preparing workplaces for unforeseen threats, the importance of reviewing lessons learned from previous crises and effectively communicating preparedness to the work community. Throughout the day, speakers will highlight the utmost importance of conducting regular risk assessments.

In line with this, they will showcase EU-OSHA’s Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tools, with a particular focus on the resources tailored for Finland.


  • Kristiina Komulainen, TV and radio host, Change consultant, Journalist and Police officer


  • Erja Mäkelä, Senior expert, FIOH 
  • Katja Patronen, Director of communications, Päijät-Häme welfare area 
  • Kaija Ojanperä, Leading expert, Center for Occupational Safety 
  • Kai Himberg, Safety director, Oy Karl Fazer Ab 
  • Susanna Visuri, Senior expert, FIOH 
  • Taina Pääkkönen, Senior expert, FIOH 
  • Päivi Sarmala, Specialist, Centre for Occupational Safety