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'Lean ORP Barcelona 2024' - "Innovation in Safety and Health at Work in the Digital Era"

Event Details

World Trade Center
International ORP Foundation


The International ORP Foundation will host in Barcelona the international event 'OSH innovation in the Digital Age'. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be under the spotlight, as it is rapidly changing the world of work and introducing risks as well as opportunities. Safety and health at work will be extensively discussed in the light of the significant changes resulting from the digital transition.

Maurizio Curtarelli and Annick Starren, Senior Research Project Managers at EU-OSHA, will participate as speakers to the 'Safe and Healthy Work in the Digital age' discussion session, bringing interesting insights on the evolving landscape of OSH in the era of digital transformation. A special focus will be given to mental health and wellbeing, issues that have become increasingly important in the last few years and that are at the center of EU-OSHA researches.