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Joint Conference: WORKERS AND CREATIVITY: How to improve working conditions by participative methods?

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Bilbao 12
Federation of European Ergonomic Societies (FEES) and European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) Belgian Ergonomics Society (BES) an the CRRE (Centre for Registration of European Ergonomics ®)
26/06/2017 to 27/06/2017


Jointly organised by 4 organisations, including official campaign partner FEES (Federation of European Ergonomics Societies), the conference looks at the role of creativity when it comes to ergonomics in the workplace, and in particular what companies can do to harness and make use of their workers’ creativity. It also asks whether participatory ergonomics can provide some answers to challenges relating to the ageing workforce.

The conference promotes sustainable working lives and looks at how workers’ creativity can help in designing/rectifying work situations to prevent work-related injuries through participatory ergonomics. In particular, discussions focus on how participatory ergonomics can help with issues associated with increasing the age of retirement, the ageing workforce and the challenges of technological advances and labour-related changes (industry 4.0, digitalisation, robotisation, cobotics, etc.).

The conference also discusses the requirements for workers to participate in ergonomic interventions, namely what training do they or their representatives need? And does professionalising workers or their representatives through training lead to better interaction with the other agents of prevention (occupational physicians, labour inspectors, prevention consultants, etc.)?

Ergonomic workplaces adapted to individual needs are important in helping to increase the health and wellbeing of employees, particularly older employees. It also allows companies to optimise their working systems to reduce risks, and in turn, reduces absenteeism and early retirement.