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The future of smart and effective labour inspection

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Quadriga Forum
BAuA - Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin


The use of digital technologies and complex mass data (big data) are increasingly determining our work processes. This is also accompanied by new and changed requirements for the activities of supervisory staff and labour inspectors.

This workshop, the third in the series, will draw together occupational safety and health (OSH) decision makers and researchers from across Germany and other EU member states to reflect on an increasingly digitalised working world, and the impact of this on how workforces are supervised.    

With a mix of presentations and group discussion, many key questions will be addressed, for example: How do we set the right goals? Which tools and data can support us in this? How can the effectiveness of supervision be measured? 

Participants will also have the opportunity to pose questions directly to the expert panel, as the event closes with a Q&A session.  

Please note that participation is by invitation only. 


  • Sabine Sommer, BAuA, Germany  
  • Kai Seiler, President LIA NRW, Germany  


  • Marlies Kok, Nederlandse Arbeitsinspectie  
  • Anne Tiemstra-Bogaerts, Nederlandse Arbeitsinspectie  
  • Swantje Robelski, BauA, Germany  
  • Andreas Schmid, Zentral-Arbeitsinspektorat Österreich  
  • Nathalie Henke, National Focal Point EU-OSHA  
  • Ulrich Best, BAuA, Germany 
  • Dietmar Elsler, EU-OSHA