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Exploring the future of work with a film screening and a debate in Innsbruck

Event Details

Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Wirtschaft


The importance of safe and healthy workplaces in the digital age will be highlighted at an upcoming event hosted by our national focal point Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Wirtschaft in collaboration with the Austrian Chamber of Labour.

The evening will feature a screening of the Belgian documentary ‘Human not Human’ by Natan Castay, which received the special mention by the jury at the 2023 Healthy Workplaces Film Awards. The film explores the redefinition of work in a context of increased robotisation and automation.

Following the screening, participants will engage in a debate bringing together panel guests and audience members, employees, managers and their representatives. Together, they will explore the implications of the film's themes such as new developments in work organisation, the importance of co-determination and the role of lifelong training to ensure safe and healthy working conditions.


  • Henrik Eder, Communication department, Chamber of Labour Tyrol


  • Martina Häckel-Bucher, FoP, Deputy Department Head, Ministry of Labour
  • Julia Nedjelik-Lischka, Chamber of Labour Vienna
  • Fabian Warzilek, Trade Union, Tyrol
  • Georg Humer, Head of Labour Law, Chamber of Labour, Tyrol