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Exploring the connection between behaviour and OSH in the Netherlands’ agricultural sector

Event Details

TNO Prevention, Work & Health and Stigas


Stigas, a centre dedicated to improving occupational health in the agricultural sector in the Netherlands, and our national focal point TNO Prevention, Work & Health are organising an event about safety and health at work and behaviour on 16 November.

Behavioural specialists and occupational safety and health (OSH) experts will explain the link between safety and behaviour in the workplace, and specifically how to ensure that safe behaviour is the most obvious option for workers and how to achieve this with different techniques.

Various workshops will provide valuable information on different topics, including safety on the property, the impact of technological advancements on worker wellbeing, the role of language for OSH and how to manage physical strain.

The meeting will facilitate knowledge-sharing and networking between members of OSH working groups, the Veilig op1 platform working to reduce occupational accidents in the agricultural sector and the Stigas board.


  • Sven van As, Specialist Behavioural Change & Trainer at Duwtje


  • Paul de Vries, Stigas safety expert  
  • Olaf Kuijk, Stigas physical strain specialist  
  • Laurens Seinhorst, Stigas safety expert  
  • Corine Witter, Sustainable Employability Advisor at Stigas