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Empowering micro, small and medium-sized enterprises through occupational safety and health management solutions

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Autoridade para as Condições do Trabalho


While micro and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) may face challenges in managing occupational safety and health (OSH), the initiatives aimed at enhancing OSH within these organisations can yield success and adaptability across various sectors.

The upcoming seminar, jointly organised by our focal point in Portugal Autoridade para as Condições do Trabalho (ACT) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Centre (CEC/CCIC), a national partner of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), is focused on providing solutions for effectively handling OSH within smaller companies. Its objective is to address questions concerning which strategies are effective, for whom and under what specific circumstances.

In addition to examining the state of OSH in micro and SMEs in 2023, the event will explore methods for engaging businesses and assess the initiatives taken at both national and European levels. It will also discuss potential future actions and avenues for involvement.

A networking break is planned to allow all participants to exchange insights on the subject in an informal setting, followed by a session dedicated to EU-OSHA’s Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tools.  

The event will attract a diverse array of stakeholders in OSH management, including safety technicians, occupational physicians, labour inspectors and other relevant professionals.  


  • Emília Telo, EU-OSHA National Focal Point Coordinator, ACT  


  • Alexandre Silva, President, Coimbra Business School (ISCAC)
  • Fernanda Campos, Inspector General, ACT  
  • Pedro Costa, Director, Local Centre of Mondego, ACT
  • José Couto, President, CEC/CCIC  
  • Rogério Hilário, Vice-President, CEC/CCIC
  • Marcelino Pena Costa, Vice-President, Portuguese Commerce and Services Confederation (CCP)
  • Fernando Gomes, Member of the Secretariat, General Confederation of Portuguese Workers - Intersindical National (CGTP-IN)  
  • António Queiroz, Occupational Health Physician, University of Coimbra (UC)
  • Helena Lopes, Ambassador for Safety and Health at Work (EEN/EU-OSHA)
  • Paola Piccarolo, Communication Partnership Working Group, EU-OSHA