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Embracing innovation: AI's role in enhancing workplace wellbeing to be explored in a dedicated event in Spain

Event Details

rhsaludable & Biomechanical Institute of Valencia (IBV)


Coinciding with the European Week for Safety and Health 2023, our media partner, rhsaludable, together with the Biomechanical Institute of Valencia (IBV), is hosting an event on 27 October in Valencia (to be also broadcasted online) focusing on technological advances in the service of wellbeing at work.

Attendees will have the opportunity to delve into the realm of AI and effective governance with insights from a prominent CEO and a member of IGE (Business Governance Institute) as well as follow a presentation on the transformative potential of AI in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and workplace safety, delivered by Mercedes Sanchis Almenara of IBV. Laura Rosillo Cascante, an HR expert, will also analyse how AI is revolutionising human resources management, promising more efficient workforce utilisation and improved employee experiences.

More practical examples will be demonstrated in a panel discussion with representatives from four pioneering companies who have harnessed AI technologies to enhance workplace wellbeing, productivity, and safety. As part of the cooperation with EU-OSHA, Marta Urrutia, the Agency’s Senior Communications Manager - Corporate Promotions, will personally introduce the new campaign through an online appearance.

To conclude the day, the event promises a visit by the DEBO Community (an initiative aimed at promoting the exchange of practical business cases, successful experiences, and actions) and speakers to the IBV. This will be followed by a pleasant lunch break, providing an excellent opportunity for additional networking and engaging discussions.


  • Carmen Soler Pagan, Editor in Chief, rhsaludable, Strategic consultant, Bienestar y Bienser, Director of FORSA and DEBO
  • Marta Urrutia, Senior Communications Manager - Corporate Promotions, EU-OSHA
  • Mercedes Sanchis Almenara, Head of Innovation – Occupational Safety and Health Promotion, Biomechanical Institute of Valencia (IBV)
  • Laura Rosillo Cascante, Senior volunteer, ASENCAT
  • Juan Garcia Sanchez, CEO & Founder, EXPONENTIA

Registration (in-person and online) is open.