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E-tools seminar 2023: OSH E-tools in the construction sector and other outdoor work

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EU-OSHA – Santiago de Compostela, 12 -5th floor, Bilbao


The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) will hold its annual e-tools seminar in Bilbao on 4-5 October 2023.   The meeting will begin on the afternoon of 4th October and will end mid-day on the 5th of October. The theme for the seminar in 2023 will be e-tools to assist occupational risk assessment and prevention in the construction and other outdoor workplace’

We have invited 4 speakers from organisations who already developed tools or are in the process of developing them. Through the various presentations we aim to raise and discuss issues such as:  the challenges and benefits of the use of e-tools for the construction sector and outdoor work; their pros and cons - in what circumstances are e-too most useful; challenges related to the development and maintenance of a tool (for example, dealing with IT contractors, preparing technical specifications, multilingualism, keeping the tool up-to-date); challenges related to promotion/dissemination of the e-tool; challenges related to the sustainability of the project over time and evaluation of the tool.. Details of previous seminars can be found on the EU-OSHA website. 

The core participants at seminar are representatives in the field of occupational safety and health (OSH) who are nominated by our national Focal Points and who have an interest in the construction sector/outdoor work and in the development of the tools. Social partners, the European Commission and other stakeholders area also be invited. E-tools for risk assessment have an increasingly broad definition and include online interactive risk assessment tools, phone apps, wearable technologies, drones.

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