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E-tools seminar 2021: OSH-apps revisited – MSD apps

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The theme for this webinar is Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), and it is linked to the ongoing European Healthy Workplaces Campaign “Lighten the load” that has been launched in October 2020. EU-OSHA first held an E-tools seminar on phone apps 5 years ago. This webinar revisits the topic of phone apps, but this time only focusing on MSD phone apps and focusing on new developments. It provides a good opportunity to revisit the phone app, given the advances in their use since the previous seminar.

The main goal of the webinar is to share experiences and information on recent developments regarding MSD Mobile phone apps. Through presentations of examples of phone apps covering different aspects of MSD risk assessment and prevention we would like to raise and discuss the challenges and success factors for the development of MSD apps, as well as future opportunities.

The meeting also aims to identify the diversity of tools; stimulate the use of e-tools as part of the OSH repertoire for prevention; and facilitate liaison in this area between OSH institutes in Member States.

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