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Creating a safe and healthy remote work environment

Event Details

TTK University of Applied Sciences
Labour Inspectorate of Estonia (Tööinspektsioon)


When thinking about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on our working lives, the proliferation of remote working is certainly a major change that seems here to stay. Indeed, there have been changes not just to legislation, but to people's attitudes towards a more flexible way of working. The working environment and guidance needs to shift accordingly, to support healthy choices and avoid work-related diseases.

In keeping with the current Healthy Workplaces Campaign 'Lighten the Load', our Estonian focal point has organised an event to raise awareness among employers and employees about remote work and ways how to do it safely and ergonomically.  

A work environment consultant will explain the most common problems and how to create a safe and healthy remote work environment. Concrete examples, helpful tips and recent research results will also be shared.

Moderator: Ave Laas, Smartwork Association 


  • Kristel Abel, FoP/ Media adviser, Estonian Labour Inspectorate 
  • Ene Olle, legal adviser, Estonian Labour Inspectorate 
  • Piret Kaljula OSH consultant, Estonian Labour Inspectorate 
  • Ave Laas, Smartwork Association