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Addressing climate change challenges in Croatian workplaces

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Ministarstvo rada, mirovinskoga sustava, obitelji i socijalne politike


As climate change affects the entire world, workplaces are not an exception. Like many other countries, Croatia is facing challenges to occupational safety and health (OSH) in this regard, especially related to increasing temperatures and heat at work.

To tackle these issues and pave the way for safer workplaces, our focal point in the country Ministarstvo rada, mirovinskoga sustava, obitelji i socijalne politike is hosting an event bringing together experts and stakeholders.

At the conference, the speakers will provide insights into the specific climate trends observed in Croatia, shedding light on the increasing temperatures and other climatic shifts that have been documented in recent years. The participants, representatives from companies, OSH experts and union and ministry experts will also hear about practical strategies and guidelines for mitigating the risks associated with working outdoors in high-temperature conditions.

A panel of experts from different backgrounds will analyse the current state of occupational safety measures in Croatian workplaces, particularly in relation to outdoor work environments. By evaluating existing policies and practices, they aim to identify areas for improvement and highlight any gaps in current safety protocols.