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39° Congresso Nazionale di igiene industriale e ambientale - 39th National Congress of Industrial and Environmental Hygiene

Event Details

Arenzano (Genova)
AIDII (Associazione Italiana degli Igienisti Industriali)


AIDII is a non-profit scientific association established in 1969 which promotes the development, study and dissemination of Industrial and Environmental Hygiene, with the aim of protecting health and the environment inside and outside the workplace.

The 39th National Congress of Industrial and Environmental Hygiene intends to focus on the following topics:

• Regulatory and procedural innovations for environmental and occupational hygiene: repercussions for professionals and employers.

• Health and safety in the digital age: anticipate and assess risks in remote working and smart working

• Evaluation of exposure to carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic agents in the light of the recent European Directives

• Health, safety and environmental protection in the construction sector

• Port, airport and vehicular traffic: impact of emissions on workers and the environment

• Free topics of Industrial and Environmental Hygiene

Scientific contributions can be sent until February 28, 2023. Contributions presented or accepted as posters can also be prepared in English.