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11th International Conference – Working on Safety 2022

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WOS.net is an international network of decision makers, researchers and professionals responsible for the prevention of accidents and trauma at work.
The network aims to bring accident prevention experts together in order to facilitate the exchange of experience, new findings and best practices between different countries and sectors. It attracts researchers, policy makers, safety professionals, labour inspectors, labour administrators and other experts in the prevention of occupational accidents and trauma and join them together in a permanent international expert network.

WOS.net is supported by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work.

The WOS conference has been organised since 2002, and took place in the following locations:

Elsinore, Denmark in 2002

Dresden, Germany in 2004,

Zeewolde, the Netherlands in 2006,

Crete, Greece in 2008

Røros, Norway in 2010,

Sopot, Poland in 2012,

Glasgow, Scotland in 2014

Porto, Portugal in 2015

Prague, In Czech Rep. in 2017

Vienna, Austria in 2019