OSHmail 255

OSHmail 255

December 2023


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Cancer risk factors in Europe: discover the first findings of EU-OSHA’s Workers’ Exposure Survey

To help in the fight against occupational cancer, EU-OSHA conducted a Workers’ Exposure Survey on cancer risk factors (WES) in Europe. The goal is to better identify the risk factors at workplaces that can lead to the disease, providing current and...

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EU-OSHA and Napo wish you season's greetings with an extra sprinkle of safety and health

We want to thank our committed network of national focal points, social partners, campaign partners, stakeholders and friends. Only by working together can we ensure workplaces in Europe and beyond are protected now and in the future. We really value...

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OiRA website revamped to foster seamless risk assessment

Did you notice? Our Online interactive Risk Assessment website has undergone a digital makeover, and it is not just about a modern redesign. With 350 000+ risk assessments carried out and 341 OiRA tools in use by end November, we are upgrading the...

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Psychosocial risks and their impact on the mental health of workers with low socioeconomic status

The evolving labour market has become a source of stress, anxiety and other mental health issues for many people. Workers with a low socioeconomic status (LSES) are particularly susceptible to experiencing psychosocial risks in the workplace, a...

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Workers with disabilities and OSH: new thematic web section available now!

Among the 42.8 million people with disabilities of working age in the EU, only around half are currently employed. It is crucial for workplaces to promote good health and provide support for individuals with disabilities to enter or re-enter the...

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Discover organisations paving the way for safe and healthy digitalisation at work — as official campaign partners

Get ready to meet the first wave of ‘Safe and healthy work in the digital age’ campaign partners. These organisations, from both private and public sectors, are actively working to put humans at the centre of digitalisation in the workplace and...

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Napo’s latest film tackles a burning issue

A new Napo film turns the spotlight on the risk of fire and explosion in the workplace, and the measures which can be taken to reduce the risks. For a fire to start or an explosion to occur, three elements are required: a flammable substance (fuel)...

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Healthy Workplaces Campaign


> An impressive kick-off for the ‘Safe and healthy work in the digital age’ campaign!

The European Week for Safety and Health at Work has always held a special place in the...

OiRA - Online interactive Risk Assessment

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> Safer workplaces for veterinarians thanks to OiRA

Visits to the veterinarian are essential to keep our four-legged friends fit. In turn,...

EU news bites


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> OSHwiki article in the spotlight: Health and safety of workers in green jobs

The shift in the EU economy as a consequence of the green and digital transition is...

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Cancer risk factors in Europe: first findings of EU-OSHA’s Workers’ Exposure Survey

Thousands of workers in six EU Member States (Germany, Ireland, Spain, France, Hungary and Finland) were interviewed to estimate their probable exposure to 24 known cancer risk factors, which include industrial chemicals, process-generated substances...

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Napo in… fire alert!

To download the videos, visit our website. This film illustrates the risk of fire and explosion in the workplace, and the measures which can be taken to reduce the risks. A fundamental issue in managing the risk is the need for a robust risk...

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