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Directive 94/9/EC - protective systems - potentially explosive atmospheres

of 23 March 1994 on the approximation of the laws of the Member States concerning equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.


This Directive applies to electrical and non-electrical protective devices and systems (surface and mining equipment) used in (potentially) explosive atmospheres and also to some items of equipment for use outside potentially explosive atmospheres.


Protective devices and systems covered by the scope of the Directive must meet certain essential safety and health requirements (common requirements for all devices and systems and additional requirements) which are defined in the Annexes of the Directive.

The Directive defines procedures under which devices and systems can obtain the CE marking. Furthermore it sets out procedures for the control of devices and systems by national notification bodies. The conformity marking must be fixed visibly on systems and devices. If devices and systems comply with market conformity, Member States shall not hinder market access and circulation.

When a Member State ascertains that equipment, devices or protective systems bearing CE marking endanger persons or property it shall take measures to withdraw such items from the market and prohibit placing on the market, putting into service and using them. The Member State shall also take action against persons having affixed the marking and shall so inform Commission and the other Member States.


Annex I: Criteria determining the classification of equipment-groups into categories

Annex II: Essential health and safety requirements relating to the design and construction of equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres

Annex III: Module EC-type examination

Annex IV: Module Production quality assurance

Annex V: Module Product verification

Annex VI: Module Conformity to type

Annex VII: Module Product quality assurance

Annex VIII: Module Internal control of production

Annex IX: Module Unit verification

Annex X: CE Marking

Annex XI: Minimum criteria to be taken into account by Member States for the notification of bodies

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