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On 1 January 2017, Malta adopts the Presidency of the Council of the EU. This marks the beginning of the third and final term of the current Presidency trio, the Netherlands, Slovakia and Malta.
At a challenging time for the EU, the Maltese Presidency aims to foster debate with a focus on social inclusion, migration and the single market.

Planning for our 2018-19 campaign is already under way. It will focus on dangerous substances in the workplace, a topic of ongoing concern.

The objectives of the campaign are to raise awareness of dangerous substances (including carcinogens), to promote risk assessment and sharing of good practices, to target particularly vulnerable groups of workers and to showcase the legislative framework that protects workers in the EU.

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European workers are ageing and efficient age management in the workplace is key to ensure safe and healthy conditions throughout the working life.

As part of the current Healthy Workplaces for All Ages campaign, a handy infographic is now published. It illustrates the landscape of the European ageing workforce and displays the main elements of successful age management. The infographic brings up the need of balancing personal resources and work-related factors, as well as adjusting the work environment to the changing capacities of workers.


The EU Agencies Forum brought together on 6-7 December in the European Parliament (EP) in Brussels the EU Agencies, Joint Undertakings, their stakeholders from civil society and industries, jointly with key EU policymakers and high-level representatives. 


One hundred official campaign partners from pan-European organisations and multinational companies and over 30 media partners now support EU-OSHA to promote the proactive management of safety and health at work for an ageing workforce. This active support and commitment confirms their belief that safe and healthy workplaces are integral to continued economic success and a sustainable future.


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