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World Mental Health Day: discover our new website section on work-related psychosocial risks and mental health!



On this World Mental Health Day, let's join hands to create a healthier and more supportive work environment for everyone! Observed every 10th of October, this year’s motto “Our minds, our rights" emphasises that mental health is a basic human right for all people. 

Good quality work can boost mental health. But approximately 27% of workers say they experience stress, depression or anxiety caused or made worse by work. Issues like heavy workloads, lack of control, job insecurity or harassment are preventable psychosocial risk factors.

To explore this topic further, check out our new thematic web section on psychosocial risks and mental health. It outlines EU-OSHA’s research project (2022-2025) which aims at providing information for policy-making, prevention and awareness-raising. The research focuses on facts and figures, management of policy and practice, guidance and tools, insights into handling violence and return-to-work approaches, all while taking into account diversity and vulnerable groups.

To mark the Day, the European Commission organises in Brussels the conference: An EU comprehensive approach that prioritises sound mental health for all, as a supportive action to its ‘Comprehensive approach to mental health’.