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Why French companies opt for OiRA to manage work-related risks



How can micro and small enterprises (MSEs) embark on a long-term sustainable risk assessment path?

Let’s learn about it from France! New research reveals the advantages of OiRA as a risk assessment method preferred by French establishments. OiRA, which stands for Online interactive Risk Assessment, enables the creation of sectoral risk assessment tools by EU member states, accessible for everyone, free of charge.

The study shows that OiRA helps MSEs in France to strengthen a systematic approach to risk management, especially among enterprises that did not have a risk assessment practice in place before starting with OiRA. Companies report that carrying out a risk assessment using OiRA enables them to identify occupational safety and health risks that they have not thought of before, to better involve workers in the process and to think beyond the identification of risk by creating a prevention action plan.

Explore the findings of the report and summary: Risk assessment using OiRA at French workplaces: a qualitative study

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