Stakeholders recognise EU-OSHA’s work for creating European added value


EU-OSHA’s 2020 stakeholders’ survey confirms a positive perception about the Agency’s contribution to occupational safety and health (OSH) risks awareness and solutions and to improved OSH in the workplace - (90% of the respondents).

85% of those surveyed agree that the Agency addresses the right priorities on OSH, and 87% consider that the work of EU-OSHA adds value to the work done by others, such as national organisations. 94% have used EU-OSHA’s work for at least one purpose.

Over 1,700 stakeholders have answered this 2020 survey, mainly enterprises and practitioners, followed by policy makers and researchers.  The survey shows that the Agency overall reaches its ambitious targets for all key performance indicators objectives: relevance, usefulness, EU added value, impact, and performance. The Agency also achieved most of its good governance targets.

Consult the results of the stakeholders’ survey in this PowerPoint presentation

See the infographic on 2019 EU-OSHA’s key performance indicators