Risk Assessment with OiRA for hairdressers explained in a new video

EU-OSHA has teamed up with Europe's hairdressing sector to produce a new video showing how to reduce occupational safety and health risks with the help of OiRA, the Online interactive Risk Assessment tool. The video complements a recently published infographic on risk assessment with OiRA.

Hairdressers face a variety of risks such as musculoskeletal issues linked to working postures and skin problems due to wet work and dealing with cosmetics. OiRA tools offer free and easy to apply solutions to these everyday occupational health threats.

The hairdressers video and OiRA tool have been developed in collaboration with the EU sectoral social partners coiffure and UniEuropa.

The video is subtitled in the languages of the countries where an OiRA hairdressers tool already exists.

Check out the video, the infographic and the available tools.  

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