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Psychosocial risk factors and MSDs: what can we learn about the impact of digital technologies, prevention and return to work?


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A series of discussion papers and articles review the impact that psychosocial risk factors (e.g. excessive workload) can have on the development of a musculoskeletal disorder (MSD).

This includes a publication that reviews the effect that digitalisation is having on workers’ exposure to physical risk factors (e.g. repetitive tasks) for work-related MSDs.

The publications also discuss the prevention of psychosocial risks and MSDs together and present good practices for a sustainable return to work.

Discover detailed information here:

Return to work after MSDs-related sick leave in the context of psychosocial risks at work

Psychosocial risks factors at work in the occurrence and prevention of MSDs (in the context of new forms of work and digitalisation)

Psychosocial risk factors for MSDs – prevention approaches