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OSHVET brings safety and health at work in vocational classrooms


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Embedded in this European Year of Skills, the European Vocational Skills Week run from 23-27 October 2023 to promote vocational education and training as an attractive career and learning pathway. It is the perfect time to take stock of EU-OSHA’s OSHVET project designed to raise awareness of the importance of occupational safety and health (OSH) among teachers and students in vocational schools across Europe. 

Some OSHVET initiatives went from a project focused on integrating OSH into vocational training with interactive resources and a course on ergonomics in Belgium, to the "Dig-i-Ready" project to support learners with special needs for an inclusive digital education in Bulgaria. 

Other initiatives included the capacity building programmes for safety and health at work in competence centres in Kosovo and the national OSH plan 2021-2025 in France emphasizing the integration of OSH into initial training to enhance safety for young apprentices. 

In Finland, a survey revealed that 60% of vocational school students noticed occupational safety risks at their training places, leading to a campaign encouraging students to speak up.