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Occupational safety and health: a key aspect for micro and small enterprises

The overwhelming majority (92.4%) of enterprises in the EU are classed as micro enterprises. Their importance to the European economy is enormous, accounting for 67.4% of all jobs in Europe.

On our updated website section dedicated to micro and small enterprises, you can find new information about the challenges these enterprises face in relation to occupational safety and health (OSH) management and learn more about OiRA, the EU-OSHA online interactive tool aimed to help micro and small organisations through the risk assessment process.

Given the importance of micro and small enterprises to the EU society and economy, EU-OSHA is conducting a major research project, ‘SESAME’ (Safe Small and Micro Enterprises) over three years (2014-17), aiming to improve occupational safety and health in micro and small enterprises in Europe.

Visit EU-OSHA safety and health in micro and small enterprises web section

Find more about online interactive risk assessment with OiRA

Learn about ‘SESAME’ (Safe Small and Micro Enterprises) project