The future roles of big data and artificial intelligence in Europe’s workplaces

photo: Gerd Altmann via pixabay.com

The use of big data, combined with machine learning technology, is becoming more common in Europe’s workplaces. Two new Foresight discussion papers review the benefits and potential risks of using such digital developments on health and safety at the workplace. The first article, on the use of Big Data for inspection efficiency, deals with the targeting of occupational safety and health (OSH) inspections.

The second article outlines where and how artificial intelligence (AI) is being applied, e.g. workplace decision-making in human resources (people analytics, recruitment procedures), AI augmented robotics, chatbots in support centres, or wearable technologies in the production assembly line. Both authors conclude that combining both human and AI offers the best way forward.

The authors recommend ways to manage the most important risks. It is worth stressing that it is not technology in isolation that creates OSH benefits or risks, it is instead the implementation of technology that creates negative or positive conditions.

Read the articles on the future role of big data for Inspection Efficiency and on the benefits and risks of AI in Europe’s workplaces.

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