EU-OSHA’s work retains a high satisfaction rate among its stakeholders

According to the 2018 Stakeholders’ Satisfaction Survey results, EU-OSHA maintains a high level of work performance, with satisfaction levels even higher than those in 2016. 89% of stakeholders say that EU-OSHA addresses the right priorities in the field of occupational safety and health (OSH) and 87% report that EU-OSHA adds value to the work by national OSH organisations. The respondents include mainly workplace intermediaries and policy makers, inside and outside the EU, with 86% coming from EU Member States.

Almost all respondents (93%) say that they have used the Agency’s work at least for one purpose. The most frequent use was to address occupational safety and health issues at enterprise or workplace level.

Furthermore, EU-OSHA’s efforts to contribute to raising awareness and finding solutions to OSH risks, and thereby effectively improving working conditions in the workplace, are well recognised among the stakeholders. 

Explore all results in the presentation ‘EU-OSHA Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey 2018’