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Effectively implementing smart digital monitoring systems for safety and health at work and inclusion


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Smart digital monitoring systems for occupational safety and health (OSH) use digital technologies to monitor risks at work and prevent occupational accidents and ill-health. Found in wearables, equipment or phone apps, they have the potential to make workplaces safer.

These systems can also improve inclusion and diversity by supporting and addressing the needs of specific groups of people such as older and migrant workers, professionals with disabilities and pregnant women.

However, some considerations need to be addressed first so that these technologies are truly successful and beneficial for everybody: worker involvement and organisational culture, structure of the company, technological infrastructure, and so on.

Our two new policy briefs explain how to effectively implement inclusive smart digital monitoring systems. Take a look!

Digital OSH monitoring systems: implementing new technologies to monitor occupational safety and health at the workplace

Digital OSH monitoring systems: supporting inclusion and diversity in the workplace