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Drive safely at work with VeSafe



If you are looking for information on work-related vehicle safety, VeSafe  has plenty of important tips to offer. It is an interactive, free and easy-to-use e-guide that covers safe driving, workplace transport and working on or near a road.

A joint effort by EU-OSHA and the European Commission, the guide includes many examples of good practices, tagged by vehicle and by risk, and an overview of relevant regulations.

In the European Union, work-related vehicle road crashes contribute about one-quarter to over one-third of all work-related deaths. Whether you’re a worker, an employer or a safety and health expert, check out the VeSafe e-guide now! It has been just revamped to provide an improved user experience.

Access the VeSafe guide for examples of good practice.

Read up on accidents and injuries to drivers and how to manage these risks.

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