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Circular economy for a more sustainable, safer and healthier future of work

Circular economy illustration

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Circular economy (CE) is key in the fight against climate change. However, a sustainable future cannot be developed without ensuring workers’ occupational safety and health. The good news is that they can be mutually beneficial!

Our foresight study on the topic travelled into the future to explore how the world will be in 2040 after a transition to a CE and how this will affect workers’ safety and health.

In this second phase, the 4 macro-scenarios developed in phase 1 were tailored and 16 micro-scenarios were built to cover different groups of workers, including low, high-skilled and migrant employees in construction, transport, manufacturing, and others.

To get a full overview, you can check out the report and the summary.

Four policy briefs examining different angles are also available: key findings, vulnerable workers, workers from the most affected sectors and pointers for key stakeholders.

Check out the thematic section on Circular economy and its effects on OSH for more info and publications