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2024 stakeholder survey shows high satisfaction with EU-OSHA’s work in improving occupational safety and health


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Overall, stakeholders have expressed significant satisfaction with EU-OSHA's work, with 87% reporting being satisfied or very satisfied. Their appreciation extends to the contributions EU-OSHA is making to occupational safety and health (OSH): increased awareness about OSH risks, increased awareness of solutions to OSH risks and improved OSH in the workplace, with 85% to 91% replying positively.

Moreover, they recognise the relevance and added value of EU-OSHA’s work (83%) and its contribution to creating a strong evidence base through the provision of primary data (88%) and qualitative research (88%). 

Additionally, stakeholders acknowledge the role EU-OSHA plays in preventing workplace accidents and illnesses (85%), enhancing social dialogue, cooperation, and exchange (79%), and providing help in identifying future OSH challenges and fostering preparedness (90%). 

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