What technologies will shape “green jobs” by 2020? Your views are needed!


Last June we informed you in this blog about our "foresight of new and emerging occupational risks associated with new technologies in green jobs" that had just started. Since then, the first phase of the foresight has been completed and, within phase 2, we are now seeking your opinion on what new technologies may be found in green jobs by 2020 and impact on workers’ safety and health. Take part in our web consultation!

Phase 1 of the foresight analysed 69 drivers of change likely to shape green jobs in 2020 and, from these, selected 16 priority drivers through an extensive consultation process involving phone interviews, web consultation and survey in which we have collected valuable opinions from a range of individuals with interests in different aspects of environmental, economic and health and safety disciplines. Let me take this opportunity to thank all of you who participated in one or the other of these consultation exercises! As a result, the state of the environment, government interventions as well as the availability and affordability of renewable energy technologies were considered as the most important drivers. The state of the European economy, public opinion on the need to protect the environment, energy security and globalisation were others of the key drivers identified. At the other end of the scale, fossil fuel technologies and nuclear energy were considered the least important.

We are now working on phase 2 in which we want to identify the key new technologies that may be found in green jobs by 2020 and that will impact workers’ safety and health. We have already drawn a list of 26 new technologies as a result of a literature review and we are now seeking your opinion on these technologies. What is, in your opinion, their actual potential for development and their effect on safety and health by 2020? Are there any other new technologies that could be in green jobs by 2020 that we have missed and should be included in the study? Please respond to the web survey and give us your views! The survey will remain open until mid-April. Please take part!

The results of this survey will the basis for a workshop in May in which we will select about 8 key technologies together with OSH experts, technology experts and policy-makers. These key technologies, together with the key drivers of change identified in phase 1 will be taken forward to phase 3 in order to construct the scenarios. We will keep you informed on the results of the web survey and of progress of the foresight on this blog.