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Training for media employees in the field of Occupational Safety and Health in Montenegro

On 6 February 2024, the national OSH experts of Montenegro, Mr Zlatko Popović, Chief Inspector for OSH from the Administration of Inspection Affairs (EU-OSHA Focal point), Ms Đina Janković from the Safety at Work Association of Montenegro (SWAM), and Ms Dragana Đokić, OSH psychologist/psychotherapist, delivered a training on OSH to 30 selected media employees and journalists. The activity was organised within the scope of the project “Behind the Camera in Front of Health: Journalistic Lifecycle in the Shadow of Risks”, implemented by the Network for the Promotion of Socially Responsible Business (MADOP) and SWAM.

The main goal of the training was to raise awareness on the psychosocial risks and challenges at work faced by journalists and other media workers, in consideration of the fact that they often work under difficult conditions and are exposed to psychosocial pressures, such as stress, threats, harassment and third-party violence. A culture of OSH psychosocial risks prevention is currently lacking in Montenegro and in general risks in the workplace are not adequately addressed. 

Increasing awareness on the importance of OSH risks prevention and ensuring an effective implementation of OSH policies, as underpinned by the EU Framework Directive (89/391/EEC), are crucial to guarantee workers’ protection and, hence, to enhance the national economy, as well as to ensure the fulfilment of the EU accession benchmarks. Therefore, the aim of the event was, on one hand, directed to the relevant national institutions for them to implement a culture of OSH risks prevention and, on the other hand, for media employees and journalist to become aware of the existence and the management of psychosocial risks that could compromise their safety and health at work.

In the picture: from the left, Dragana Đokić, Đina Janković and Zlatko Popović