Ministerial welcome for EU-OSHA Director in Portugal


A meeting between Pedro Mota Soares, Minister of Solidarity, Employment, and Social Security and EU-OSHA Director Dr Christa Sedlatschek was the highlight of her visit to Portugal on 23/24 June 2014.

During the visit, the Director also met with the Secretary of State for Employment, Octavio Oliveira, the Portuguese Parliamentary Groups at the Palácio de São Bento, social partners, the Inspector-General of ACT (Autoridade para as Condições do Trabalho), Pedro Pimenta Braz, and the Portuguese Focal Point Emilia Telo. 

Christa Sedlatschek and network manager Tim Tregenza were welcomed to Lisbon by the Directorate of ACT, Pedro Pimenta Braz (Inspector-General), Antonio Robalo dos Santos (Deputy Inspector-General and EU-OSHA Governing Board Member), and Manuel Maduro Roxo (Deputy Inspector-General). This was followed with a meeting with the EU-OSHA Focal Point in Portugal, Emilia Telo and Carlos Pereira (Director of Services, Head of OSH Promotion Department) to discuss the successes and challenges in promoting prevention in Portugal. 

The importance of the role of social dialogue and engagement with social partners was discussed with the Conselho Consultivo Extraordinario da ACT (ACT Extraordinary Advisory Council: OSH in Portugal), on which employer and worker bodies are represented, including the organisations CAP, CCP, CGTP-IN, CIP, CTP, and UGT.

The following day, the EU-OSHA delegation was welcomed to the National Parliament and met representatives of the Parliamentary groups (political parties). In these discussions, the importance of occupational safety and health was stressed, not only for worker protection but to support economic development and reducing the burden on State welfare and health systems. 

When meeting with Pedro Mota Soares, Ministro da Solidariedade, Emprego e Seguranca Social, the discussion focused on maintaining Portugal's contributions to the European occupational and safety system. 

The visit to Portugal concluded with a visit to the Pavilhão do Conhecimento - Ciência Viva in Lisbon to see some ACT training activities. The training in risk assessment and prevention was being given to staff at the Pavilion of Knowledge who carry out a very "hands-on" education process in science. The training was being carried out in a teaching kitchen filled with large plastic vegetable that was usually used for teaching kids the science of cooking, giving it a slightly surreal appearance, but demonstrating well the importance of getting training into workplaces.