International Conference in Lviv, Ukraine “Industrial safety. The best practices – 2015”

International Conference in Lviv, Ukraine “Industrial safety. The best practices – 2015”

As part of EU-OSHA’s collaboration with Ukraine under its European Neighbourhood Policy project, we were invited to participate in the 3rd International Conference "Industrial safety: Best Practices - 2015” held in Lviv on 6-8 October 2015 and hosted by the Industrial Safety Magazine and supported by the State Labour Service of Ukraine.

The conference brought together representatives from social partners, government and industry to discuss current and future issues in the field of occupational safety and health. Participants came from across Ukraine and were joined by EU and international experts. EU-OSHA was invited to provide some information on our current programmes and, specifically, about tools and information to help businesses and workers. In particular EU-OSHA presented its Online Interactive Risk Assessment tool and e-Tools projects as well as OSHwiki and NAPO.

EU-OSHA was also invited to participate in a panel discussion centred on the question of whether Ukraine needs a risk assessment regulation. Following the signature of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, Ukraine has committed to aligning its legislation in the field of occupational safety and health with the EU Directives and so this question is of particular interest.

Most respondents were in favour of introducing a regulation requiring businesses to conduct risk assessments and recognising the importance of risk assessments to both workers and businesses. Rather than commenting on whether Ukraine should introduce such a regulation, EU-OSHA instead provided some positive information about the use of risk assessments in the EU and their value.

We would like to thank our colleagues in Ukraine for inviting EU-OSHA to participate in the conference and we look forward to the next opportunity to work together to improve occupational safety and health in the EU and Ukraine. 

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