Building 5 pillars to safety and health at work

Tim Tregenza

Dresden was the venue for the 2nd Strategy Conference, "Five pillars on safety and health at work". This international conference took 5 themes and examined how strategies worked to address them. The five pillars were:

  • Reducing work accidents and occupational diseases (vision zero)
  • Raising awarness, developing competencies, and capacity building
  • Cooperation between public health and occupational safety and health
  • Health and safety as an integral part of lifestyle, and
  • Integrating prevention into the social security system.

The international nature of the conference, and the global concern on these themes was illustrated by the high-level speakers present. Seiji Machida (ILO), Hans-Horst Konkolewsky (ISSA), Gye-Wan Bae (KOSHA), Wiking Husberg (Northern Dimension), Paul Weber (IALI), Antonio Cammarota (European Commission), Rey Hoy (Safework Australia), and the director of EU-OSHA Jukka Takala all made strong contibutions to the programme.

The conference highlighted that an integrated, holistic approach to occupational safety and health is needed, working across themes to gain the maximum impact using a variety of tools to promote change in the workplace. However, the diverse nature of the actions and number of actors makes evaluation of interventions difficult.