OSHA/2023/OP/0029 - Report on the Role of the Labour Inspectorate and Prevention Services in Supporting OSH Compliance in Portugal (Lot 1), in Poland (Lot 2), and in Ireland (Lot 3)

The objectives of this call for tender are:

• to provide a report presenting an overview on the state influence and prevention services for:— lot 1 – in Portugal,— lot 2 – in Poland, and— lot 3 – in Ireland;

• the report will include analysis and detailed description of innovative methods of inspection and prevention services. It will also include information related to their collaboration / interaction of labour inspectorates and prevention services;

• to provide a PowerPoint presentation summarising the main findings of the research.

The way, deadline and details for submitting a tender are available on: https://etendering.ted.europa.eu/cft/cft-display.html?cftId=13889