Low value negotiated procurement: Review on the future of Agriculture and OSH (EUOSHA/2019/NE/D/SE/0088)

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) would like to receive offers for an expert review on the future of agriculture and its impact in terms of occupational safety and health (OSH).

A substantial number of workers in Europe continue to work in agriculture, in jobs that are comparatively more likely to involve exposure to risks of injury and ill health. It is a diverse sector in terms of both occupations and risks, which is undergoing rapid change as result of major trends, such as new technology, climate crisis, demography and public attitudes.

Drawing on these major trends, the review will describe the most significant technological and organisational changes foreseen, explaining the likely consequences for the safety and health of workers in the sector and indicating the challenges for OSH policy, research and prevention.

Type of procedure

Low value negotiated procedure launched and managed by EU-OSHA. The Agency will sign the service contract directly with the successful tenderer following this low-value procurement process.

The maximum available total value for the contract will be EUR 60,000 (excluding VAT).

Main objectives / services provided for under the contract:

Delivery of an expert review on the main trends affecting agriculture, the resulting technological and organisational changes and the consequent implications for the health and safety of workers in the sector.

The review will support policy makers at European and national level in their development of strategies, regulation, enforcement, guidance and support measures. It will also indicate knowledge gaps to help identify research priorities.

The review may be based inter alia on:

  • A survey of published scientific as well as grey literature.
  • The views of individual experts.
  • Descriptions of initiatives undertaken in the Member States


The foreseen outputs include:

  • A report with the methodology, main findings, recommendations for OSH research, policy and practice, and conclusions;
  • Up to five two-page ‘policy briefs’;
  • A PowerPoint presentation representing the results of the report;
  • The contractor will be asked to attend a one day meeting in Bilbao in order to present the paper to EU-OSHA’s network of national focal points;
  • An OSHwiki article summarising the results and taking account of the information on the topic already available in EU-OSHA´s OSHwiki.


Tenderers must comply with the following criteria:

  • The tenderer must prove its educational and professional qualifications in the field of OSH.
  • The tenderer must prove experience of working in the field of OSH in the last three years.
  • Tenderers must be able to demonstrate previous study experience in agriculture and work similar to the subject of the contract (as for example projects dealing with the impact of future job changes on OSH) with at least 2 projects delivered in the last 10 years.
  • The tenderer must prove experience of working in English along with the capacity to provide final reports (and the content of the tools as ready to be published material) with the highest quality standards in terms of English (preferably C2 level, and at least C1 level of the CEF/CEFR).

Participation in this negotiated procedure for a low value contract will be open to natural and legal persons falling within the scope of the EU Treaties (this includes all economic operators registered in the European Union and all European Union citizens) and to all natural and legal persons in a third country which has a special agreement with the Union in the field of public procurement on the conditions laid down in that agreement.

For tenderers established in the United Kingdom

Please be aware that after the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, the rules of access to EU procurement procedures of economic operators established in third countries will apply to tenderers from the UK depending on the terms of any Withdrawal Agreement. In case such access is not provided by legal provisions in force, tenderers from the UK could be rejected from the procurement procedures.

If you would like to participate in this negotiated procedure, please register your interest via email to Procurement-PRU [at] osha [dot] europa [dot] eu  by no later than 9/08/2019 13:00 CET. Please include your contact details (name, organisation, address, country and e-mail) and make reference to the call EUOSHA/2019/NE/D/SE/0088.

The estimated date to invite to tender is 21 August 2019.

Please note that registration of interest to participate in the above-mentioned procedure does not give rise to any legitimate expectations to be invited.