EUOSHA/2021/OP/F/SE/0144 - Provision of ICT and web services

The objective of this call for tender is to support EU-OSHA with the ICT Helpdesk service provided to its end-users and to maintain and develop EU-OSHA’s websites and applications (its implementation and support in the project management).

This call is divided in three lots:
• Lot 1 - ICT Helpdesk service: EU-OSHA needs a day-to-day ICT Helpdesk service but may also require an additional temporary ICT Helpdesk service linked to specific situations, such as a technical migration of workstations or a specific event organised by EU-OSHA. These additional services should be provided on request, within a specific and limited period of time.
• Lot 2 - Project management support and consultancy: The contractor should provide project management support services to help EU-OSHA to design, develop and manage web and ICT products to be developed or to be maintained throughout the timeframe of the contract.
• Lot 3 - Development and maintenance of web and ICT applications: The aim of this lot is to find a contractor that will be fully involved in assisting EU-OSHA throughout the life cycle of both current EU-OSHA web and ICT products (websites and applications) and new products. The contractor should provide developments, maintenance and user induction services throughout the timeframe of the contract.

The documents are available for unrestricted and full direct access, free of charge, at: