Composition of the Executive Board of the Management Board

Members of EU-OSHA Executive Board and declaration of interests. The Executive Board works as a steering group, overseeing the Agency's operational performance, and meets four times a year. It is made up of eight members from the Management Board.


Michael GILLEN (Employers representative)


Francisco Jesús ALVAREZ HIDALGO (European Commission)
Renārs LŪSIS (Government representative)
Julia NEDJELIK-LISCHKA (Workers representative)


Marie DALTON (Government representative)
Isaline OSSIEUR (Employers representative)
Ignacio DORESTE (Workers representative)

European Commision

Stefan OLSSON (European Commission)


Yogindra SAMANT (Government representative)
Kris DE MEESTER (Employers representative)
Károly GYÖRGY (Workers representative)


Charlotte GREVFORS ERNOULT (European Commission)
Maria Teresa MOITINHO DE ALMEIDA (European Commission)
Lucie MEDIAVILLA (Government representative)
Mercedes TEJEDOR AIBAR (Government representative)
Patrice FURLANI (Government representative)
Eckhard METZE (Employers representative)
Georgi STOEV (Employers representative)
Mario VAN MIERLO (Employers representative)
Andreas STOIMENIDIS (Workers representative)
Anthony CASARU (Workers representative)
Silvana CAPPUCCIO (Workers representative)