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Working with the robots: identify new OSH risks with the help of scientific researches

TNO, the Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research, published two reports exploring new risks to occupational safety and health linked to the use of robotics. Given the fact that industrial robots are being increasingly integrated into many working sectors, both reports look into the machinery directives and legislation in the search for new approaches and control measures to be taken in order to control those risks.

The outcomes propose health and safety (H&S) requirements and recommendations to be taken into consideration for future digitalised occupational trends.

The publications’ theme draws parallels with EU-OSHA’s latest Foresight study on new and emerging OSH risks associated with digitalisation by 2025.

Read the full reports: Essential H&S requirements for industrial machines equipped with machine learning and Emergent risk to workplace safety as a result of the use of robots in the work place.

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