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EU – Commission Communication on endocrine disruptors

On 7 November, the European Commission has issued a communication on endocrine disruptors, which outlines further steps:

The Commission will launch a comprehensive screening of the legislation applicable to endocrine disruptors through a Fitness Check that will build on the data already collected and analysed. It will involve an assessment of the current legislation on whether it delivers on the objectives of protecting human health and the environment. The Fitness Check will also include a public consultation.

The Communication also outlines initiatives currently considered by the Commission to ensure the implementation of existing policies on endocrine disruptors. This includes the identification of endocrine disruptors, improving communication throughout supply chains by using Safety Data Sheets as established under REACH, and taking forward the scientific assessment of endocrine disruptors with further regulatory action.

Endocrine disruptors are chemical substances that alter the functioning of the hormonal system and, as a consequence, negatively affect the health of humans and animals.

Concerns about endocrine disruptors have been growing since the 1990s. Following the adoption by the European Parliament of a Resolution on endocrine disruptors in 1998, the Commission adopted the Community Strategy for endocrine disruptors in December 1999, which has been taken forward since then through action in the fields of research, regulation and international cooperation.

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