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Nachrichten zum Thema Sicherheit und Gesundheitsschutz bei der Arbeit

EU: ECHA Enforcement forum inspection campaign on substances subject to authorisation

REACH inspectors find that not all companies are complying with authorisation requirements.

Inspectors in 17 European countries have checked compliance with the authorisation obligations under REACH for the use and placing on the market of 13 substances of very high concern with sunset dates in 2015. The inspections checked if the substances were used or placed on the market without an authorisation and whether other authorisation-related duties were fulfilled. Where an authorisation had already been granted, inspectors were also checking compliance with the conditions of the granted authorisations.

The inspections covered amongst others a selection of phthalates, arsenic oxides, lead chromate and 2,4-dinitrotoluene.

The inspectors from 17 participating countries reported a total of 802 inspections within the framework of this project. 78 % of the inspected companies were SMEs. The vast majority of the companies did not actually use (93 %) or place on the market (92 %) any of the substances that had a sunset date in 2015. Inspections in companies that used or placed the substances on the market showed a rate of non-compliance of 10.7 % and 8.9 % respectively.

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