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CEPA Innovation Day for Healthy Cities


Committee of the Regions
CEPA - Confederation of European Pest Management Associations & European Committee of the Regions


CEPA, the European Pest Management trade umbrella association is hosting an open panel debate with European stakeholders from civil society, EU institutions and the pest management sector at the Committee of the Regions. CEPA is in contact with EU decision-makers and stakeholders from EU policy areas ranging from climate change, sustainability, the urban agenda, health, internal market and digital fields.

The Innovation day looks for an open dialogue to support the goals of a Healthy City in the framework of the increasing impact of Climate Change and Migration impact in the presence of pests in the urban environment.
CEPA works in close coordination with its association and company members will be reaching out to their national representatives at EU level to be part of the exercise. We would like to have a real open fora discussion.
The day will be structured in three panels moving from key trends and evidence towards sustainability and innovation and the EU pest management sector view on a Healthy City. Please see the draft agenda below.

CEPA Innovation Day for Healthy Cities

Panel I:
The Trends

Key discussion topics:
•What are the key climate change and migration trends linked to pests?
•How does the EU policy link to those trends?
•How do companies integrate those trends?

Panel II:

Sustainability and Innovation

Key discussion topics:
•How do we reconcile: 1) the need for the human touch in innovation, 2) the SMEs dimension and 3) EU innovation policy at the service of sustainability?

Panel III:
CEPA’s Healthy Cities proposal

Key discussion topics:
•What is the solution to the increasing impact of pests in the urban environment? How do we ensure the needs of a Healthy City are met?