Low value negotiated procedure EUOSHA/2016/NE/D/SE/0014 - Collection of good examples of visualisation of the risks related to dangerous substances at work places

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) would like to receive offers for a collection of good examples of visualisation of the risks related to dangerous substances at work places (videos, pictures, visual information). 

The Governing Board of EU-OSHA decided that the campaign theme for 2018-2019 will be "establishing a prevention culture on dangerous substances and targeting specific groups of workers". The campaign will combine awareness and knowledge raising activities with good practice solutions to eliminate or reduce the health effects of exposure to dangerous substances. The risk assessment of dangerous substances at work places is particularly difficult because such risks are rarely visible and often not easy to assess. Visualising the risks can play a great role for awareness raising.

This call for tender invites bids to collect videos, pictures and other forms of visualisation. The focus is on visualisation material that shows realistic work places. I.e. that there is less need for videos and pictures that were taken to show ideal work place situations.

Indicative main tasks of the selected tenderer:

The contractor will carry out the following tasks:

  • Task 1 Compilation and description
    Compilation of videos, pictures and other visualisation material, mainly from the EU and its member states, but also from international sources. For every type of visualisation a specific draft template for description should be developed.
  • Task 2 Preselection and Selection
  • Task 3 Extended description
  • Task 4 Overall assessment

Technical capacity

The tenderer must prove that it has the technical and professional capacity to carry out the tasks described in these specifications.

Tenderer(s) must comply with the following criteria:

  • The tenderer must prove its educational and professional qualifications in the field of OSH.
  • The tenderer must prove experience of working in the field of OSH in the last three years.
  • The tenderer must prove experience in drafting reports, recommendations, and guides, on OSH related issues with at least 5 projects delivered in the last 5 years.
  • Tenderers must prove experience in the field of OSH similar to the subject of this contract (i.e. dealing with prevention measures regarding exposure to dangerous substances at work places)
  • The tenderer must prove experience of working in English along with the capacity to provide final reports and other project deliverables (preferable C2 level, and at least C1 level of the CEF/CEFR).

No documents proving the fulfilment of these criteria are requested at this stage.

Participation in this negotiated procedure for a low value contract is open to natural and legal persons falling within the scope of the EU Treaties (this includes all economic operators registered in the European Union and all European Union citizens) and to all natural and legal persons in a third country which has a special agreement with the Union in the field of public procurement on the conditions laid down in that agreement.

The maximum total amount of the contract is 32.000 (without VAT).

Potential tenderers who would like to participate in this negotiated procedure must register their interest via email to including their contact details (name, organisation, address, country and e-mail) making reference to the call for tender EUOSHA/2016/NE/D/SE/0014.

The deadline for declarations of interest is 15 August 2016, 23.45 CET. The estimated date to invite to tender is 17 August 2016.

EU-OSHA will then contact those interested to inform them about the next steps in the tendering process.

15/08/2016 - 23:45