EUOSHA/2016/NE/D/SE/0006 - Review of human health risks and prevention practices during handling of fumigated containers in ports

EU-OSHA would like to receive offers for a structured review on the topic of OSH- related risks coming from the exposition to fumigated containers in ports, and recommendations on how such risks can be minimalised. The objective is to have an overview of the relevant information related to the risks from exposure of fumigated containers in ports. Part of the study is) also an overview of preventive / protective measures to mitigate the exposure to such risks. The focus is on the EU but relevant knowledge or practices from outside the EU can be included too. This study will be done in close cooperation with the Commission’s ongoing work, in particular the scoping study on workers' exposure to fumigants that may be released from the transportation of goods.

29/07/2016 - 00:00