5 EU agencies event: Skills for people, skills for competitiveness, skills for sustainability


Supporting the European Year of Skills, EU-OSHA and its sister agencies Cedefop, ELA, ETF and Eurofound — in partnership with the European Parliament and the European Commission — are hosting a joint event on 20 September 2023 in Brussels to discuss current and future EU skills needs. 

The speakers will address skills gaps in the EU labour market, initiatives to anticipate future needs, and the implications for working conditions, safety, and health. Policymakers, social partners, and stakeholders will engage in lively debates to shape priorities for the EU's growth, sustainability, and inclusion goals. 

EU-OSHA will stress the importance of education and training for occupational safety and health (OSH) and highlight new health and safety risks due to new occupations.

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Learn about EU-OSHA’s OSHVET project, promoting the integration of OSH into vocational training.