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Healthy Workplaces film screening: Automotive

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Galeries cinema
SPF Emploi, Travail et Concertation Sociale – FOD Werkgelegenheid, Arbeid en Sociaal Overleg


On 23 September 2022, our Belgian focal point will present a screening of the film "Automotive", one of our 2020 Healthy Workplaces Film Award winners, at the Galeries cinema in Brussels.  

“Automotive” follows the stories of two workers impacted by increasing digitalisation and automation in their respective workplaces. Although their paths appear quite different at first, it becomes clear they share the same goal: personal independence and dignity through their work in the digital age.   

The film highlights the experiences of a generation for whom work is neither secure, nor identity-forming. 

This will provide ample and interesting material for debate, which is planned at the end of the screening. Participants will range from occupational safety and health specialists, to government and social representatives. 


  • Véronique Crutzen, General Advisor - DG Humanisation of Work - FPS Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue 
  • Karel Van Damme, President of the High Council for Prevention and Protection at Work