Technically produced nanomaterials in the working environment — the overall recommendations of the Working Environment Council for the Minister for Employment

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The report has been prepared by the Working Environment Council's Working Group on Nanomaterials and Work Environment, which was established by the Working Environment Council in November 2014. The report is structured around the tasks described in the working group's workbook and comprises the recommendations of the Working Environment Council on technically manufactured nanomaterials and working environments for the Minister for Employment.

The recommendations include the following:

  • Manufacturers, suppliers and importers should indicate whether or not notifiable products contain nanomaterials.
  • A coordinated effort should be launched between the Working Environment Council and the Labour Inspectorate as regards jobs involving the production, application and handling of nanomaterials, focusing on the importance of incorporating nanomaterials into chemical risk assessments.
  • Relevant sector advisory councils run by social partners should compile updated guidance on chemical risk assessment and good practice in dealing with nanomaterials.
  • The Danish Center for Nanoscience should develop concepts that can qualify exposure measurements that are operational at the workplace level.

The report includes a list of registered nanomaterials in France.

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Neomezeno na určité odvětví
Working Environment Council
Hazard - physical state: 
Nanoparticles (airborne liquids/solids including smoke or mist)
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Policy paper
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Policy makers

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