Risk assessment portal — systematic risk assessment tool

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The website provides risk assessment tools for the following:

  • hotels and restaurants
  • cleaners, laundries and dry cleaners
  • prisons and guards
  • property service and supply
  • hairdressers and other services
  • culture and sports activities
  • psychosocial working environments in the risk assessment process
  • risk assessment for managers.

For example, for the cleaning sector, the website provides extensive information on chemical and biological hazards (see 'Farlige stoffer': http://www.apvportalen.dk/Rengoering--vaskerier-og-renserier/LAer-om-arbejdsmiljoe/Rengoering/Fakta-om-kemiske-forhold/Farlige-stoffer#8568).
It is possible for users to download and install the tools on their own computers.

Other data

Sector / Industry covered: 
Ubytování v hotelích a podobných ubytovacích zařízeních
Stravování v restauracích, u stánků a v mobilních zařízeních
Úklidové činnosti
Sportovní, zábavní a rekreační činnosti
Kadeřnické, kosmetické a podobné činnosti
Working environment council for the service and tourism sectors
Tasks covered: 
Beauty Culture
Cleaning or Disinfecting
Contact with Humans or Animals
Účel informačních materiálů: 
Risk assessment
Target group: 
OSH consultant
Safety officers
Workers representatives

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