Hazardous substances - Be aware, assess and protect: Cleaning and dry cleaning / Wood and Furniture / Motor Vehicle Repair / Bakeries

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On the official website of the Department of Labour Inspection, there are hyperlinks with books and leaflets concerning health and safety at work. Among others, there are 4 different leaflets where each one is related to the hazards that arise from the potential exposure in chemical substances in various sectors.  These leaflets have been translated into several languages in the framework of a SLIC campaign. The 4 sectors are: Cleaning and dry cleaning/Wood and Furniture/Motor Vehicle Repair/Bakeries. Each leaflet mentions what should be done by the employers in order to assess the risks in which the employers & employees may be exposed and to decide on taking prevention measures. Furthermore, it refers on safety measures' application for all, how to organize the tasks so as to eliminate or minimize the risk, which personal protective equipment is the appropriate etc. Finally, there are information on classification and labelling and safety data sheets.

Other data

Sector / Industry covered: 
Výroba pekařských, cukrářských a jiných moučných výrobků
Zpracování dřeva, výroba dřevěných a korkových výrobků, kromě nábytku; výroba proutěných a slaměných výrobků
Výroba nábytku
Opravy a údržba motorových vozidel, kromě motocyklů
Úklidové činnosti
Praní a chemické čištění textilních a kožešinových výrobků
Labour Inspectorate
Tasks covered: 
Applying Surface Coatings
Cleaning or Disinfecting
Food Processing
Handling Chemicals
Heating, Machining, or Welding Metal
Prevention measures: 
Level 2. Technical measures, e.g. local exhaust ventilation
Level 2. Reducing / minimising the risk by organisational measures, e.g. reducing the number of workers exposed
Level 3. Reducing / minimising the risk by personal measures (PPE)
Training / guidance
Hygiene measures
Účel informačních materiálů: 
Awareness raising
General information
Target group: 
All (no specific target group)

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